Just ’cause you’re in the ghetto doesn’t mean you can’t grow


Brenda's Got A Baby - 2Pac

And they say it’s the white man I should fear

But it’s my own kind doing all the killing here


Only God Can Judge Me - 2Pac

I’d rather die like a man than live like a coward


Only God Can Judge Me - 2Pac

Somebody help me, tell me where to go from here

‘Cause even thugs cry, but do the Lord care?


Only God Can Judge Me - 2Pac

No more hesitation, each and every black male’s trapped

And they wonder why we suicidal running ’round strapped

Mr. Police, please try to see
That there’s a million motherfuckers stressin’ just like me


Only God Can Judge Me - 2Pac

It ain’t about black or white, ’cause we human

I hope we see the light before it’s ruined


Ghetto Gospel - 2Pac

Exposed foes with my hocus-pocus flows, they froze

Now suckers idolize my chosen blows


Hold Ya Head - 2Pac

Lord have mercy, father help us all

Since you supplied your phone number, I can’t help but call


Toss It Up - 2Pac