Ice Cube

The best thing in life is life


Until We Rich - Ice Cube

Get your mind right, and get your grind right


Until We Rich - Ice Cube

To the kids of the world that’s waitin for wealth

Waitin for health, you better do for self


Until We Rich - Ice Cube

But the best thing in life is health


Until We Rich - Ice Cube

Life ain’t a track meet it’s a marathon


You Can Do It - Ice Cube

And I’mma hit that bush like George Bush

In the middle of the night like a crook


Doin What It 'Pose 2Do - Ice Cube

Black man, you never been friend of me

Boy you kin to me, why we enemies?


The Nigga Trap - Ice Cube

Recognize who’s a hustler, George Dubya

He’s the one that’s sittin back, fuckin ya

With a big dick stuck in ya


The Nigga Trap - Ice Cube

Fuck school nigga, they ain’t trying to educate me

All they give a fuck is what I memorized lately


Hood Mentality - Ice Cube

The future is today,


cus tomorrow, that shit never come


Tomorrow - Ice Cube

This ain’t about dyin’, it’s all about livin’

It’s all about makin’ everyday Thanksgivin’

It’s all about givin’, about stayin’ driven

It ain’t about you, it’s about these children


Streets Shed Tears - Ice Cube

Its fishy, politicians smell like my bowels 

Talkin’ that shit, really crampin’ my styles 


Everythang's Corrupt - Ice Cube

For my birthday, buy me a politician


Everythang's Corrupt - Ice Cube